That Abominable Four-Letter Word

That Abominable Four-Letter WordThere is no such thing as a ‘riskless’ investment, certainly not in real estate. And if there was, common sense dictates that it would not offer sufficient return to justify its existence. Risk and reward are closely linked. For the most part, the higher the perceived risk of an investment, Continue reading

Can You Repossess Your Old Home?

Can You Repossess Your Old Home?A vast majority of people in this world are currently experiencing financial hardships. A huge portion of these individuals are having difficulty paying off their mortgage, while an unfortunate some, have their properties repossessed due to being unable to pay off their Continue reading

Is There a Houston Real Estate Bubble?

Is There a Houston Real Estate Bubble?The real estate bubble refers to the bursting of the real estate market based on economic instability. It is what a lot of consumers worry about prior to investing their money in real estate. Realtors believe that real estate markets cannot crash because of several key factors. The real Continue reading