Eagle River Real Estate

Eagle River Real EstateEagle River is located within the municipality of Anchorage in the US state of Alaska, and is located in the region between Chugach State Park and Fort Richardson. It derives its name from its location on the banks of the Eagle River.

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So What is Equity Buildup?

So What is Equity Buildup?Building wealth. A simple statement. Everyone wants to “build their wealth”, or just simply “get rich”. One of the most widely recognized paths to this wealth building has historically been through Real Estate Investment. I use the word “path” deliberately as the road to real estate riches is not normally Continue reading

Retiring to Spain

Retiring to SpainFor many decades Spain has being the most popular destination in Europe for couples wishing to retire to warmer climes. While countries such as United Kingdom, Germany and Holland may have several advantages over Spain with regards to the level of living, they simply cannot compete Continue reading

Credit Report Analysis

Credit Report AnalysisIn one word, the most import element in residential real estate investing is FICO. Without a sufficient FICO score, one’s grandiose thoughts of becoming a real estate investor should be put on hold, but only temporarily, at least until your credit enables you to qualify Continue reading